Module 2 - Let's Take a Look at Globalization

"There is no longer any such thing as a purely national economy. The rest of the world is just too big to ignore, either as a market or as a competitor."

John Young, CEO, Hewlett-Packard

Overview: What is globalization? How does it impact you, your future? In this module you will explore the emergence of globalization both historically as well as with an eye to the future. We will discuss the impact of globalization on individuals, communities, societies, and cultures. You will be asked to take a stance on the globalization debate and share your viewpoint based on research on the topic of globalization. We will also be reading and discussing excerpts from the book The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman in order to gain a broader understanding of globalization.

Assignments & Projects:


Globalization Debate - Resource List

United Nations