Module 2 Consumer Rights, Responsibilities & Resolutions

This module covers Chapter 3 in our textbook. We will focus on the market's responsibilities to deliver safe, reliable products and the consumer's (your) obligations to use products correctly and to report malfunctions, wrongful practices, and how to resolve complaints. In addition, you will learn how to locate resources to help you make informed decisions about your purchases and develop a positive, "resolution-minded" attitude towards solving consumer issues.

Below you will find the outlines, class presentations, links to assignments and projects as well as links to outside resources and other items related to Module 2.

3.1 Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

Chapter 3 PowerPoint Note Sheets

Chapter 3 Vocabulary List

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Handout

Worksheet #1 - This is in print form on table.

3.2 Government & Consumer Protection

Worksheet #2 - This is in print form on table.

Internet Activity #1

*Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) *Website Application Activities

3.3 Deception & Fraud

Worksheet #3 - This is in print form on table.

Internet Activity #2

*Deceptive Advertising - Crossing the Line Online Activity - be sure to scroll down to bottom where you will see case studies by number.

Worksheet - Deceptive Advertising - (Click download, save to your account and open in word so that you can edit table.)

3.4 Resolve Consumer Problems

The Complaint Process Handout

Worksheet #4 - This is in print form on the table.

Write a Complaint Letter

Internet Activity #3

*Attorney General/Better Business Bureau

All Sections

Review for Chapter 3 Test

Jeopardy Review Game*

*In Google Docs, it works like a flashcard review. Question on first slide, next slide contains answer, etc.

Module Resource Links:

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Website

Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) Website

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Website

Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire (BBB) Website

NH Attorney General's Office - Consumer Complaint Division