Keyboarding Skillbuilding & Technique

In this module you will learn the proper technique for "touch" keyboarding so that you are able to produce documentation with accuracy and speed while maintaining proper body mechanics. In addition, you will learn how to apply appropriate symbol and line spacing requirements and to "touch" key using the 10-key calculator pad to increase efficiency in processing numerical calculations.

The Value of Learning How to Keyboard:

Article: "What Kind of Jobs Require Keyboarding Skills"

Article: "List of Jobs That Require Keyboarding Skills"

Ergonomics: Safety First!

Quick List of Safety Guidelines for Typing - positioning

10 Tips for Better Keyboarding

Hand Stretches and Exercises

Keyboarding How-To's:

Watch this quick video with great keyboarding tips and hints!

"Typing Tutorial - Keyboard Basics" By Anson Alexander (You Tube Link:

How To Type

Keyboarding Skill Building Sites:

Typing Club - You can sign in with your school Google accoount.

Keyboard Revolution: This site contains a variety of game-based skill-building activities.

Ten Fast Fingers

Ninja Cat Game: Improve your keyboarding through this fun, interactive game.

10-Key Calculator - by touch!

Beginner Activities: Click here!

Intermediate Activities: Click here!

More Intermediate Activities: Click here

Speed Check! Use any one of these sites to see how fast (and accurately) you can key!

Check Your Typing Speed

Power Typing

Alpha Typing Test