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Module 3: It All Comes Back to HTML: Learn to Code a Website

Everything HTML!  Are you looking for some help with your coding?  You've found the jackpot!  Check out these helpful coding sites!
Proofing Code Assignment Sheet - Click here!

TML "How to" Video Tutorials:

HTML Video Tutorial #1 - Source: YouTube, http://www.youtu.be/GOfhmzNLWzY


For Codes:

Basic HTML Codes:  Click here to see the basic, most frequently used codes in HTML.

Intermediate Codes:  Click here to:  change color of horizontal rule, add a marquee
quackit - lot of codes, including creative marquee code generator.
For Online Tutorials:
Color Charts - for hexadecimal (precise color codes)
For Logo generators, clipart, animations, backgrounds, buttons, etc., Click here to access the Resources, Links & More Page!