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Module 1: What is Web Page Design? Beginning Topics & Concepts

Overview:  In this module you will be introduced to a variety of web design topics.  We will discuss design topics and focus our attention on the purpose, audience and user-experience as a means to evaluate existing sites.  You will learn about domain names, registration and site hosting and be introduced to a range of career opportunities in web design and development as well as related careers.  
Copyright and Fair Use Do's and Don'ts:
In ths course you will be accessing and using a variety of resources in order to create your web pages. As a digital user of online resources, you are responsible for using these resources appropriately and legally.
  • Assume that everything on the Internet is protected by copyright. What is copyright?
Click here to access "Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright" - a Federal government site to help you understand copyright.
Copyright FAQs - click here to browse through a few copyright questions and answers.
  • Ask permission. When you want to include another's work in your projects or work, ask for permission.
  • Read the "Terms of Use" for all websites you use in your projects. This will instruct you as to if and how you may use any resources.
  • Follow Fair Use Guidelines for all school projects.
  • What is Fair Use?   Fair Use FAQs - click here to browse through a few Fair Use questions and answers.

 *How to Cite Resources in Your Class Projects!   Be sure to read these instructions and follow them when you are citing your resources.  No credit will be given for work that does not include proper citations.

Nuts and Bolts:  Going Live to the World!
1.  Domain Name:  You will need to select and purchase and register a domain name.  To avoid fraudulent domain registrars, be sure that you use a registered domain registrar
         ICANN - Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers
2.  Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Be sure to compare price, features, support, capacity, and speed.