Module 5: Analyzing Trade Environments: Governmental, Legal, Economic & Geographic Influences

In this module we will take a look at how governmental, legal, and economic structure can influence trade and global expansion.  We will also analyze how geography plays a role in influencing international business.  Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of resources in order to conduct a comparison of the trade environments of two countries and the factors that influence international business within those countries.

Assignments & Projects:
Topics and Concepts Discussions (Handout to be provided).

Handouts/Graphic Organizers:




CIA World Factbook:  Provides information on 267 world entities including government, economy, population, geography,
                                    transportation, military, and other facts.
Types of Government:  Provides definitions for different forms of government throughout the world as well as a listing of
                                      government type by country.  (Definitions appear first, followed by country listings).

Types of Government:  Also provides definitions for different forms of governments around the world.
Who is a Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO)?  Check here to see if the countries you chose to analyze are
                                      members of the WTO
 Ease of Doing Business Ranks - The World Bank Site
Doing Business In ....   Excellent website (part of  Instructions:  Click on country selection, then click
                                        on the "Doing Business In" link in the left-hand column.
 Travel and Safety Warnings by Country:  At top right you can enter country.  At next page, scroll down and click on "Safety and Security" button.
Forbes Magazine Listing of the Best Countries for Business Around the World:  Go through this list before making your choices.
Population Reference Bureau:  Gather data and statistics on education, income, population, economic, environment,
                                                  health and other demographic information.  Use this information in order to conduct your
                                                  analysis of trade environments.
Opportunities by Country:  Click here to search any country and learn about possible opportunities for exporting.