Module 3: Is a Smile Just a Smile?

"Any communication or marketing professional needs cross-cultural research and
communication skills to be able to succeed in the future."
Marye Tharp, Marketing Educator
In today's society it is not unusual for you to encounter a variety of cultures.  Your future colleagues, business partners, friends and neighbors may speak a different language.  Your future pursuits may land you in a foreign country where you will need to adapt to new cultures as your job may depend on it.  This module is designed to help you learn how culture affects international business, develop an understanding of cultural elements, and to  idenitfy ways to overcome stereotyping and cultural bias.  You will be introduced to a variety of resources that can help you learn about various cultures and how to avoid inappropriate/offensive behaviors that could turn out to be costly mistakes in business.   
Assignments & Projects:
BBC Country Profiles  Use this site to develop a short, one paragraph country profile for your training brochure.
Cultural Country Guide  Business etiquette, protocols, customs, and cultural norms.

Cyborlink  A great source for international business etiquette, manners, and cross cultural communicaiton.
World Business Culture   Provides tips on how to conduct business in a variety of cultures. 
Cultural Crossing  Excellent tips for business and cultural dealings.
Cultural Etiquette Around the World  eDiplomatProvides tips on cultural etiquette for several different countries.
Kwintessential  Provides cultural etiquette on several different countries.  Social etiquette, customs, protocols, etc.
Travel Warnings The U.S. State Department's website providing travel warnings and details by country.  Updated frequently.

Immunizations and Health Information  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) website.  You can enter in your basic travel information, destination, and purpose and you can receive suggestion immunization information as well as alerts.