What's Under the Hood

Learning Objectives:  In this module, students will learn through exploration and research about the different components of a computer system.  By using a guided approach, involving interactive computer images and a little bit of research, students will investigate computer components, complete an online tutorial and then create a computer-generated cartoon for an elementary-level audience in which they teach younger students about a particular computer component.
The final project in this module is for students to research and develop a plan to purchase a computer based upon a given scenario with the primary focus being on the "needs" of the end user.  The final work product for this project is a PowerPoint presentation.
Module Resources:
 Lessons  Files
Get to Know the Gilford High School Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • In teams, you will review an assigned section of the GHS AUP. Your task is to locate five (5) key points or takeaways from that section. 

  • You will report back your findings to the class.  Be sure to fully explain the rules, concepts, and reasoning behind these policies.

Computer Components & Internet Research

VIDEO:  Inside Your Computer 

What's Under the Hood - Internet Research Project

Teach What You Have Learned & Test Your Creativity

Experiment with Comic Creator Tools

What's Under the Hood - Comic Creator Rubric

Research, compare and contrast various computer systems and components.  Make decisions on a computer purchase based upon the particular needs and requirements of a computer user.  Justify your selection.

What's Under the Hood - Purchasing a Computer Team Project Sheet

What's Under the Hood - Purchasing a Computer Team Project Rubric

Video & Resource Links for Support:

Video:  Computer Hardware in Plain English

Video:  Computer Software in Plain English

Video - Computer Components

Look Inside a Computer -Images

Comic Creator Website

Student Showcase!

Theatre Marquee Animation