Digital Citizenship & Literacies

Learning Objectives:  In this module, students will learn about their responsibilities and rights as digital citizens.  Learning will occur through daily class discussions, internet research on digital citizenship topics, viewing related video segments, and team research and development projects. 
Students will learn how to develop, target, script, record, edit, and evaluate a 30-second public service radio ad using Audacity audio editing software using microphones and sound effects.  Students will also learn how to develop, target, script, record, edit, and evaluate a 60-second television public service announcement.
  Module Resources:
Lessons    Files
Module Overview by Strand Module Overview
Experiment with Audacity:  Audio Recording & Editing
Create a 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) Using Audacity and Tools

Radio PSA Research and Planning Sheet

Radio PSA - Tools to Incorporate in Radio PSA Checklist

Radio PSA - Rubric for Evaluation

Audacity Help Sheet

Create a 60-second Public Service Announcement (PSA)Using Microsoft Moviemaker

Video PSA Research and Planning Sheet

PSA Television Assignment Sheet

PSA Television Rubric 

Video & Resource Links for Support:
Common Sense Media
Secure Passwords
Secure Websites
Computer Viruses & Threats
Phishing Scams
Protecting Reputations Online
Ad Council
State of NH - Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Act

CyberSafety - An Interactive Guide!

PLAY!  Invasion of the Wireless Hackers Game

Digital Citizenship in the News:

CNN:  RIAA Fines Boston University Student for Illegally Downloading Song
WMUR:  Thieves Use Facebook to Commit Crimes

Resources for Digital Citizenship
Copyright & Fair Use
Protecting Your Identity
Ad Council - Public Service Announcements


Onguard Online – Government Site with Videos and Games About Online Profiles, Phishing Scrams and Safety


Wired Kids Online Safety Project


Federal Trade Commission:  Social Networking Sites – Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens


That’s Not Cool – Online stalking, over-texting, etc.


Get Net Wise – Keeping information safe online, how-to videos.  Keeping kids safe online.


Microsoft’s Online Privacy and Safety Education Site


NetSmartz Online Educational Safety Resource – National Center for Missing & Exploited Children



Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright



Software Tools & Resources:

Audacity Audio Recording/Editing

Audacity Tutorials & Help

Microsoft Moviemaker Video Tutorials & Help  


Student Showcase!