Computer Programming

Learning Objectives:  In this module students will
introduced to the wor
d of
programming.  Through daily class discussions, viewing student samples, exploration, and
trial and error, students will begin to learn how to develop scripts to control movements, sounds, effects, keystrokes and other media through logical programming
commands.  Students will develop their programming ability in Scratch to create short animations, interactive games, music, and more as well as a final team project that is either a game or a story.  Students may also experiment with App Inventor to learn the beginning stages of creating and developing a mobile application.
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Introduction to Program in Scratch

Scratch Interface Diagram

Scratch Card Activities Check-off Sheet

Bouncing Letters Quick Challenge

Putting Commands Together & Execution Aquarium Tutorial Project - Watch this brief (7 minute video) to create a simulated aquarium.  Share your screen between the video and the Scratch interface.  Pause the video and complete the tutorial.  Show me when complete.  Save as:  Aquarium Project

Scratch Final Project Write-up  Open up this document, make a copy for yourself and fill out along with your partner (if you collaborated).  Share with me when complete.
Introduction Lesson In App Inventor

Link to Images and Sound for Hello Purr

Scratch Resources:

What is Scratch?

Scratch Site (MIT)

Scratch Support & Online Resources

Scratch Video Tutorials Site

Scratch Documentation - Quick Cards

Get Ideas!  Explore Scratch Projects!


App Inventor Resources

Launch App Inventor!


Click Here to Access HelloPurr Image and Sound File

App Inventor Training Cards

HelloPurr Tutorial

Bouncing Ball Tutorial

Website with lots of resources!


 Rainbow Fish Video Tutorial - Changing the Sprite


Rainbow Fish Scratch Documentation Site.flv

Whirling Butterfly  - Mouse Control Video Tutorial

Whirling Butterfly Scratch Documentation Site.flv