3D Modeling with SketchUp - 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

Learning Objectives:  In this module, students will learn terms and concepts related to 3-D modeling and design as well as 3D Scanning and Printing.   Students will use geometry, measurement, and spacial awareness to design and develop
3-D models, scans and prints.
Module Resources:
Lessons     Lessons, Tutorials, Assignments
Introductory Lessons to Google SketchUp    

Sketchup Assignment Sheet - open and make a copy for yourself.  Save in Sketchup Folder.
Create a Turtle Sandbox

Open the following link Turtle Sandbox Video and watch the tutorial to become familiar with SketchUp.  **Watch the video again (pause when needed) to create a turtle sandbox!

 Graded SketchUp Work
 Google SketchUp Assignment Sheet

Video Resources/Tutorials:

Introduction Video #1

Introduction Video #2

Introduction Video #3

Designing a Chair in SketchUp

Additional Resources:

SketchUp Knowledge Base

SketchUp YouTube Channel

How 3D Printing is Being Used Today Videos:

College Student Creates Prosthetic Hand for Child

3D Printed Car

3D Printing Used in Preparing for Surgery

3D Printed Prosthetic Legs for a Dog