Digital Connections

Digital Connections: 

Provides students with exposure to a variety of 21st Century technologies including, audio and moviemaking production, multimedia presentations, desktop publishing, 3D modeling, computer programming, productivity software, and other digital technologies.  The approach of this course is through experimentation and project-based lessons involving a high degree of critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.  Students will also learn what it means to be a good digital citizen by learning about the social and ethical issues that technology presents in their everyday lives. As a capstone project, students will develop a business "pitch" that will involve the application of all of the technology skills and literacies they have developed throughout the trimester. 

Inspiration for Curriculum:

A portion of the curriculum for this course was developed by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and many of the lesson plans originate from the Exploring Computer Science Curriculum developed at UCLA and supported by the Broadening Participation in Computing division of the National Science Foundation. 
Course Competencies:
  • Technology Operations & Concepts
  • Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
  • Communication, Collaboration & Creativity
The course competencies for this course originate from the ISTE-NETS for Students (International Society for Technology in Education - National Educational Technology Standards for Students) and the NBEA National Standards for Business Education (National Business Education Association). 
What's Going on This Week in Digital Connections?
Topics and Activities:  

Weekly Tech News Schedule - Block3


 Weekly Tech News Schedule - Block4


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