Module 1 - Consumers: The Engine that Runs the Economy

Overview:  In this module, you will identify your values, determine the difference between wants and needs, how to develop SMART goals, understand different types of economic systems, and how supply and demand impacts YOU, as well as learning about YOUR role in the economy and how advertising plays a part in YOUR decisions as a consumer.  We will end the module by discussing how YOU can be a responsible consumer and how your buying decisions can truly make a difference.

Student Resources
Below you will find the outlines, class presentations and other items related to our first module (unit) in Consumer Economics. 




Resource Links

 1.1 & 1.2     Decisions, Decisions
 Making Decisions
 2-15 Student Outline/Handout
1.3 Understand Economic Systems
 Supply and Demand
 16-22 Student Outline/Handout
Quiz #1

 Review for Quiz 1 Topics 1.1 - 1.3  Student Review Sheet - List

PowerPoint Review - Jeopardy Format
It provides the term first, followed by answer. 

 1.4 Consumer's Role in the Economy 23-27 Student Outline/PowerPoint Notes
 1.5 & 1.6     Advertising and Consumer Decisions
 Be a Responsible Consumer
 28-40 Student Outline/PowerPoint Notes
 Quiz #2

 Review Sheet for Quiz

Jeopardy Slides - Q&A to Prepare for Test!

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