Choose a Career, Get a Job

Module Assignments:
  • Read Chapter 4 in Textbook - by Wednesday 5/13
  • Chapter 4 Vocabulary List - Due Friday, 5/16 (17 terms)
  • Inventory Compilation & Reflection Sheet
  • Prepare a Resume
  • Prepare for a Job Interview
  • Follow-up Activities After Interview
  • Review Sheet for Chapter 4 Test - remember to also study all 17 terms from the book.
  • Jeopardy-style review presentation for Chapter 4 Test

Values, Interests, Personality, Skills & Aptitudes Inventories:
Career Cruising -  (see me for login instructions - subscription-based).
Jung Personality Test -generalization of personality and possible career matches.  Go through questions and provide your first response.  "Do not overthink" .
Skills Profiler - US Department of Labor.  See what types of skills you have. When you receive results, be sure to download in MS Word and save to your network account.  We will be using this information later.
Resources on Careers
US Department of Labor - Occupational Outlook and Career Information

Online Job Boards - focused on NH

Applying for a Job

Interview for a Job
Inteview Questions - list of potential interview questions
NH Department of Employment Security Interview Resource - Covers topics of:  preparing for an interview, how to answer questions during an interview, and follow-up steps after the interview.
The Interview Process Worksheet - Click File, Download as MS Word Document.  It will not work in Google Docs.
Online Inteview Skills Quiz - Click here to test your knowledge of interview etiquette and how to answer those tough questions.