Personal & Digital Presentations

No matter where your career path may lead you, you will surely need to present your ideas and visions with others in order to achieve your goals.  Doctors, lawyers, scientists, construction workers, military personnel, artists, marketing professionals, computer programmers, retail and restaurant employees all must be able to present themselves in an organized, competent, and professional manner in order to effectively share ideas, influence others, and spur change.
In this module, we will use a variety of technologies in order to support the presentation of your ideas and viewpoint.  You will learn the importance of PREPARING in advance for personal and digital presentations.  You will use guidelines to help you to define your purpose, craft your message, and make an impact on your audience.  You will also have the opportunity to collaborate "virtually" with team members in order to produce a collaborative presentation.  The skills you learn in this module will support your success here in high school, in higher education and/or the workplace and in your role as a consumer and citizen.
Why Are Presentation Skills Important?  - A brief article that explains WHY presentation skills are important to YOU.
Tech Tools:
The Good, The Bad & the Ugly of PowerPoint Presentations

 Lessons        Files
Introduction to Google Presentation and Working as a Virtual Team
You're the Teacher Team Project:
  Learning the Advanced Tools in PowerPoint.
 Assignment Sheet

Assignment Sheet
Prezi - Introductions, Tutorials, Samples 
Presentation Zen:  The Art of PresentationsExcellent Examples of Clean Slide Design
Do's & Don'ts of Presentation Design  Tip Sheet    
SlideShare Presentations - Do's & Don't  SlideShare Presentation Tips
Before and After Slide "Renovations"
More Examples of Before and After Slide "Renovation"
 Sample Before and After Slides
 More Sample Before and After Slides