Welcome to my GHS website!  I teach a variety of technology and business courses here at GHS.  I am passionate about preparing students for the future ... which is all about adapting, learning and re-learning.

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Digital Connections

Click here to gain 21st Century skills and
know-how while having fun exploring and experimenting with new and emerging technologies. The skills and knowledge you
gain in this course will support your learning here at GHS, in college, at work and throughout your entire life.  Come on in!
 Its like a playground!

Consumer Economics

Click here to learn more about your role as a consumer, employee, and citizen and how the financial decisions that you make today impact your future.


Web Page Design Wordle

Web Page Design

Click here to learn how to create web pages that will keep your target audience (visitors) coming back!  Using a variety of web development tools, you will learn how to plan, design, and build a variety of web sites!  Come on in!


International Business Studies

Click here to explore and learn about the expanding global  marketplace and how it impacts YOU!  The major goal of this course is to help prepare you for your life as a global citizen and consumer.


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Technology Applications

Click here to learn a variety of workplace skills that will help you to contribute to, operate, and manage business operations.  THE BEST PART IS - You will develop  "marketable" (valuable) skills that
employers are always looking for that you can list on your resume!


Digital Drop - Box

Let's go green!  Click here to upload your assignments.

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